You are entitled to completely confidential help and advice from all members of staff: reception staff, doctors and nurses.

We are here to help you!            

All the information on this page can be found in our Practice leaflet for teenagers.

How to contact us

You can telephone us on 0115 9673777.


To book an appointment please use the above phone number or speak to one of the staff on reception. We have appointments available to book in advance and same day telephone appointments available for emergencies.

If you are at school or college we will do our best to give you an appointment at a time convenient for you.

The receptionist may occasionally ask what the problem is to see if it would be better for you to see a doctor or a nurse. You do not need to tell the receptionist what you need the appointment for, unless you feel comfortable doing so.

You are welcome to bring a family member or friend to your appointment.

Here to Listen

The staff at the surgery are here to listen to your problems and offer support. We will not pass anything you tell us onto anyone else, unless we feel you are in serious danger. In this case we would discuss it with you first.

You have the same rights to confidentiality as adults and even if you are under 16 we will respect this.

Who are we?

Regularly working at the surgery are 7 female doctors  a male Nurse Practitioner and a female Nurse Practitioner and 4 female nurses. We also have registrars (fully qualified doctors doing their GP training) and occasionally medical students.

You can choose if you would prefer to see a male or female doctor if available.

Common Health Problems

Young people can have a variety of health problems or just want advice. We are here to help.

Common things teenagers come to talk about include

  • Skin problems (acne)
  • Headaches
  • Stress (family, school, college)
  • Low mood
  • Weight/diet issues
  • Alcohol, smoking and drugs
  • Sex, sexuality and sexually transmitted infections
  • Contraception
  • Pregnancy
  • Period problems
  • Lumps and bumps

We are happy to help and advise you on any of these issues and many more. Sometimes it can be helpful just to be reassured that something you are worried about is normal, or easily treated.

Where else can I go for help?

There are many other places you can get help, a few of which are listed below. There is so much support out there for young people we can’t list it all, but can point you in the right direction if you ask!

Don’t forget that you can also talk to your parents or another family member. You might be surprised at how helpful they can be. The school nurse is also available through your school or runs drop in sessions on a Thursday between 3-5pm at The Lodge Drop In at Arnot Hill Park.

Contraception and Sexual Health

Victoria Health Centre – Glasshouse Street, Nottingham Tel 9509151

Arnold Health Centre – local family planning clinic Tel 8832300

Sexually Transmitted Infection (GUM) clinic (can go there for tests if you are worried you may have an infection) Tel 9627744

The Health Shop – 12 Broad Street, Hockley, Nottingham Tel 9475414

Healthy Gay Nottingham, 12 Broad Street Nottingham Tel 9476868

Emergency Contraception

If you need emergency contraception (after having sex without contraception) you could:

  • Ask for an appointment here
  • Visit a local pharmacy
  • Contact a family planning clinic
  • Visit the walk in centre

But whatever you do try and do it as soon as you can!


Base 51 -Glasshouse Street, Nottingham have a wide range of facilities available to young people including counselling and support with drugs and alcohol issues. Tel 9525040

Some counselling is also available at Victoria Health Centre (see above)

Walk-in Centres

Nottingham City Walk in Centre, 79a Upper Parliament Street, Nottingham, No appointment needed, open 8am-8pm 7 days a week. Tel 0115 8831960

London Road Walk in Centre, Seaton House, City Link, London Road, NG2 4LA. No appointment needed, open 7am-9pm 7 days a week

Useful phone numbers and websites

NHS 111

Childline 0800 1111




Brook and the FPA provide contraceptive/sexual health advice

www.brook.org.uk  0808 802 1234

www.fpa.org.uk 0845 122 8690

Marie Stopes and BPAS provide information about pregnancy and abortion

www.mariestopes.org.uk 0845 3008090

www.bpas.org.uk  08457 30 40 30

What do you think?

What you think is really important to us, let us know if you think we should be doing things differently or could improve our services. We have a suggestion box at reception or you could even ask to join our patient participation group. If you have a more serious complaint please ask to talk to the Practice Manager, or consider writing to us.